We use various metrics to know in detail how your site is doing and how it is perceived by visitors and robots. We have something for every purpose. We combine them with each other and, if necessary, expand them. We analyze the following the most:


The speed at which your page loads is one of the most important criteria, which takes into account the score rank for the site


we analyze who, when, where, for how long, where everywhere is your website visited, and based on that we adjust this behavior to meet your goal


so that your website does not look fragmented, we pay attention to individual elements, so that it is harmonized into one functional unit


with the help of measurement through heat maps and recording of behavior, we perceive the quality of UX towards your visitors and adjust their environment so that they do not miss anything important


we examine the validity of the source code and make sure that the source code of the website is up-to-date, SEO-friendly, and does not endanger your project


we examine what all resources your website uses and where everywhere it sends and shares your data; if necessary, optimizes it for maximum security


we look for extensions, modules, and elements that we could expand your website to meet its goals more and more effectively


we closely connect social networks with your website to help each other to grow and move forward


we offer insights and ideas for the current state of the website and strategically optimize its operation


we analyze the functionality of the design and make sure that it reflects the current design needs, especially in terms of UI and UX

The web is a living organism, it constantly needs control and management. We regularly write the outputs of the analyzes into a clear document, which we will send to you. Based on it, you will be able to set up the website to fulfill its goal. We measure and evaluate the subsequent incorporation of these guidelines. Try it. The input analysis is up to us.

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With the help of My Websitting, we were able to optimize the speed of the website, get a better google rank, and thus advance higher in the list of searched websites on Google.

Laco Kavecký, takto.sk

My Websitting helped us to reveal the weaknesses of our site, improve the readability and operation of its mobile version, thus contributing to the higher success of order completion.

Andrej Babečka, prestigestone.cz